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Sydney Aquarium

When one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour, was undertaking a major refurbishment recently, one of the key criteria was taking its “visitor experience” to a whole new level.

B&H Australia’s NSW office was called in to help turn that wish into a reality. We sought out to provide advice on the best possible solution to produce the finest audio visual equipment available to the Sydney Aquarium, within a specific budget.

Other crucial elements included an ability to ensure the equipment could be provided and assembled in the tight timeframe that had been set by the builder and that it had the capacity to produce high quality images for long periods of time.

The end result is a stunning audio visual system throughout the Aquarium complex which includes five full installation projectors that have the ability to broadcast high definition video content 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Sharks swimming in their natural habitats, general marine life and ocean diving experiences are just some of the footage that is now shown via Sydney Aquarium’s new audio visual system.

Working with both a tight timeline and a specific budget, B&H Australia was tasked with finding a solution that not only satisfied specific operational criteria, but most importantly provided an image based upon the expectations of the general public and what they would expect to see inside an attraction with the reputation such as the Sydney Aquarium.

Utilising high output projectors, B&H was able to transform what were once blank walls into an experience designed to give visitors an insight into life below the ocean surface. The equipment also has the flexibility for the video content to be changed to suit a specific promotion the Sydney Aquarium might be having at a particular time, or a special visitor, or deliver a message that is pertinent to that day’s activities.