Interactive Projection

B&H Australia can provide a fun and colourful interactive floor projection solution to entertain children and introduce your brand or message in a novel and cost effective use of floor space. Apart from floor projections we also install the popular Epson ultra-short throw interactive projectors.

Interactive Floors

Keep your eyes on the floor and watch the fun unfold! With Interactive Floors, a once boring floor surface becomes an exciting, digital playground. If you move near, on or over the floor, your actions trigger an amazing visual reaction. Users can play soccer, kick leaves, stomp in puddles, start dancing, or simply watch the magic unfold.

What can Interactive Floors do for you?

  • Provide your customers with fun, interactive and free while-you-wait entertainment.
  • Generate revenue through advertising.
  • Communicate your message in a unique, fun and memorable way.

How do Interactive Floors work?

A high brightness Projector displays captivating special effects and multimedia content onto the floor surface. Using specialist software and motion camera technology, the interactive floor responds to the slightest movement and puts you in control of a spectacular multimedia display.

Interactive Floors:

  • Easy to operate and can be adapted to almost any floor surface.
  • Has an inbuilt ‘play safe’ element that makes it safe and suitable for children.
  • Delivers high-resolution projection with outstanding picture quality.
  • Uses custom-made software that can be tailored specifically to your multimedia advertising, marketing or general business needs.
  • Offers an exciting design-driven content system that boasts interactive software, motion camera integration and more.

floor projected interactive soccer pitch

floor projected interactive signage

floor projected interactive Coca Cola signage