Corporate AV Solutions

B&H Australia is a leading provider of audio visual and video conferencing solutions in the corporate market. A Boardroom is an integral space to your company and should meet the requirements of the most important meetings and presentations.

B&H can design a solution to meet your Boardroom, meeting and training rooms and public display AV requirements. Years of combined knowledge and experience enable B&H to bring together integration technologies from companies such as AMX, Crestron, Extron and Kramer to provide simple to use, yet highly intuitive systems.

Today’s Boardroom AV Designs typically involve a Presentation Switcher, which is designed to simplify AV control and distribution in medium and large conference rooms. A Presentation Switcher is perfect for any room with a mix of analogue and digital sources, multiple displays, or rooms that require support for video conferencing.

B&H can provide AV design, equipment supply and installation services for your company, backed by maintenance and support services.

  • Boardroom AV specialists
  • Video Conferencing and Teleprescence
  • Interactive and Electronic Touchscreens
  • Control Systems and Automation of Lighting, Blinds and Presentation Technology 
  • Room Booking and Occupancy Systems
  • Digital Signage